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Increase your investment returns


what we do

We propel investors by artificial intelligence

aiLiftoff brings forecasts of revenue and earnings for thousands of listed companies. The forecasts are derived from unstructured data using artificial intelligence techniques. Each set of predictions can be customized to the unique circumstances of each investment firm. Our services help organizations unleash the full potential that artificial intelligence offers.



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The Spoiler data set helps investors increase their returns. The aim of Spoiler is to give a three month ahead forecast of revenue and earnings that companies will report. These forecasts are split into what can be reasonable expected and what is the surprise element. We see that especially the surprise element can help investors increase their returns. To create these forecasts we use both numerical data about the companies and sectors involved as well as what companies report textually. 

By using Natural Language Understanding techniques, we find which extra information is in the text that wasn’t accounted for by the numbers. We often hear that investment firms have trouble in finding data sets exactly suitable to their needs. aiLiftoff offers to customize Spoiler so it is exactly in line with the investment process of the client. For instance, we can customize Spoiler to include proprietary text sources or revenue forecasts. Or we can work with a customized definition of the investible universe or sector classification.

Increase Returns

Revenue and Earnings forecasts dating back to 2002

Large Coverage

Coverage of the 4000 largest

US Stocks


3 month ahead forecast of Revenue and Earnings Surprises

Bespoke and Unique

Tailored to the unique investment process of the client


what we offer


At aiLiftoff we understand that it can be overwhelming for an investment organization to fully adopt artificial intelligence techniques. Therefore, we offer a range of services to help firms on their journey, including:


 Development of ESG data sets according to client specications


Creating tailored data sets to identify and explore investment themes


For Natural Language Understanding or Natural Language Processing projects


Agent Based Modeling consultancy


Audits on Artificial

Intelligence projects

Synthetic Data

Projects to generate and adopt

the use of synthetic data


Prepare investment firms for the 22nd century and migrate legacy code


Portfolio analysis using

artificial intelligence


Risk modeling


About Us

aiLiftoff was founded in 2022 by Tjeerd van Cappelle. It is our mission to propel investors by artificial intelligence. Tjeerd has worked for more than 16 years as an investment manager. This understanding of the investment business is instrumental in creating value from unstructured data.


We believe that the combination of investment expertise and creativity in applying the latest artificial intelligence techniques to unstructured data will increase your investment returns.


Our team of talented data scientists love to work with state-of-the-art-techniques. At the same time, we ensure that our products and services are robust and reliable.



aiLiftoff’s team of data scientists and software engineers are at the forefront of applying artificial intelligence techniques in the asset management industry. We are always looking to add talented people. aiLiftoff offers a very competitive package and a very flexible working from home policy.


If you are excited by any of our current openings, get in touch at

Front-end developer

We are looking for a Frontend Developer who will have a significant impact on how our products are experienced by our clients.

Data Scientist

We are looking for a Data Scientist Developer who will have a significant impact our products development.

Natural language Understanding internship

We are looking for a Natural Language Understanding intern.

Investments internship

We are looking for an intern in the field of Economics or Econometrics to develop investment strategies.


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