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Investments internship

aiLiftoff is a young company that creates alternative data sets for investors. Our flagship product is Spoiler which gives 3 months ahead forecasts of surprises in revenue, cost and earnings. The forecasts are split into forecasts obtained from the income statements and forecasts obtained from the management comments. Also, a financial sentiment score is provided.

We are looking for an intern who will develop investment strategies using this data.

The obvious strategy is to build portfolios based on the predictions with a quarterly rebalance schedule.

For this assignment we're looking for strategies that work for shorter horizons, by combining the information in the data set with other information, like short term price movement or a combination of different data points in the data set for companies.

Your capabilities:

  • Finalizing your master’s degree in Economics or Econometrics

  • Experienced in working with python

This internship will offer an insight into the world of alternative data and its applications. The internship can be executed mostly from home; we’re flexible and will discuss the best interaction to make the internship a success during your application. We organize our in-person team meetings in Rotterdam, The Hague or Delft.

If you’re excited about this internship, reach out to

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