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We present at the New York data summit

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

aiLiftoff has been invited to present NLU use cases at the New York Data Summit 2022.

On December 1st we will present use cases that show novel ways to use Natural Language Understanding (NLU) techniques to increase investment returns. As the theme of the Data Summit is "Back To The Future", our contribution is titled "Spoiler leaves the DeLorean in the dust"; it will show how Natural Language Understanding can give a peek in to the future.

“In the presentation we will touch upon use cases that involve equity investors, multi-asset investors and will show how one of our latest data sets can aide analysts in understanding what is relevant in company reports" said Tjeerd van Cappelle, founder and managing director of aiLIftoff.

aiLiftoff will also participate in the alt dating program organized by Neudata, that's an easy way for investors at the conference to learn more about our latest innovations and products.


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