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Spoiler ALERT in Nestlé press release

This morning Nestlé issues a press release relating their annual report. As we are expanding the Spoiler universe with Europe, we did a snap analysis on this 15 page document. Spoiler detects which paragraphs are supportive of future growth and how similar they are to previous reports. In this case we chose a comparison with last years press release. Overall we see that the press release is more supportive of growth. As we drill down in the results we have looked which paragraphs contributed most to the growth positiveness. To this end we divided the paragraphs in 4 groups (each of roughly 18 paragraphs) ranging from "new" to "very similar". What can be observed it's not the bucket of new paragraphs that contributed the most, but it's actually subjects Nestlé wrote about last year that changed the most that gave the highest contribution. We're very excited about the opportunities the Spoiler and Highlighter technologies provide for European investors and will share more insights in the future.

Growth contribution of paragraphs in the Nestlé press release, source: aiLIftoff

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